Wellness is a  journey and it’s not always a clear path.  I know, because I am a traveler on the journey myself.  Growing up, I was a snot nosed kid with a mouth full of mercury fillings.  I developed acne in college, and no dermatologist or skin care products seemed to help.  My seasonal allergies worsened, and I started to develop food sensitivities, as well as the dreaded afternoon energy crash.

About Tabitha
About Tabitha


For years, I felt like I had an extra layer of sludge just beneath my skin.  My belly sometimes went from flat to swollen within the course of a day.  Puffy eyes, headaches, and muscle and joint pains were the norm and excedrin became a daily habit.  Eventually I realized that my body was severely inflamed and I wanted to know WHY.

Losing my dad to pancreatic cancer led me to preventative wellness.  I studied everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to know why my dad had to endure two heart attacks, why cancer took his life, and how to prevent that from happening to my family, myself, or anyone else that I could help.  I completed two degrees in exercise science, massage therapy school, and yoga teacher training, but there was still a missing piece.  It wasn’t until I looked at the (supposedly healthy) foods I was eating, that I really put it all together.  A year at Institute of Integrative Nutrition opened my eyes to a nutritional world that I believe has the power to heal any dis-ease.  REAL FOOD IS MEDICINE, and one person’s food medicine can be another person’s poison.

About Tabitha
About Tabitha

Through nutrition, lifestyle edits, structural body work, & a touch of stubbornness, I have worked through my allergies and food sensitivities, acne, systemic candida overgrowth, and postural issues.  Through that journey, I’ve gained an eye for personal detail, an abundance of patience, and an organized approach to wellness. Now that I know what it takes for me to feel well, I have the energy and motivation to pursue my dreams.  New Leaf Lifestyle is my wish for change in the world, through you.

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